Family Leffler and Reuterskiöld
Leffler Family Research
Ancestor Hans Leffler born ca 1560, dead about 1622

I am Sven Erik Leffler and generation 13 counted from my ancestor Hans Leffler born in about 1560. In the 14th century his ancestors lived in Reutlingen, Baden-Würtemberg in Germany. He was an emigrant to Sweden from Holland about 1590.
If your criteria corresponds to the relationship mentioned below then I would be thankful for any information you might have to enrich the content of this family research.

1. Is your family name LEFFLER or are you related to it?
2. Do you know for sure that your ancestor emigrated from Sweden into the USA or any other country you are a resident of.
3. If your name is REUTERSKIÖLD or related to it, then it is for sure you belong to my family of Leffler ( gen.5 Daniel Svensson Leffler Lagersparre from whom his widow and children were approved the name of Reuterskiöld)

In the USA for example there are several hundreds of Leffler from whom I so far don't know a single one from Sweden or related to me. So far I have not made any investigation what so ever. Therefore it is very thrilling of what could become of this in future.
The likelyhood that at least some of us are of the same roots is substantial.
In Sweden for example there are two different families of LEFFLER: Family of 1. George Leffler and family of 2. Hans Leffler to which I belong. The two Leffler families have no relationship as known so far. However most if not all with the name of Leffler belong to either side of the two families.

If it shows up that we have the same roots of Hans Leffler family, then I sincerely hope that this material will contribute to you and the future generations of yours. Family research as a general during the last 10 years has been very popular. Finding out about your roots -once you begin - will surely be one of the most exciting and useful things you have ever done.

All text is in swedish but I have no doubt that you can fairly well follow the keywords and names from generation to generation. Just click in the Main Page link below
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